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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Interesting Wedding Facts

Anar Party Rentals has captured some of the most popular wedding destinations and the number of weddings they serve each year:

Number 1 City in the world is Las Vegas, Nv with 106,000 (Down 9,000 from 2006) weddings.

Number 2 wedding city in the world is Istanbul Turkey with 92,000 for the year.

Number 3 City (2 in the US) is Gatlinburg, Tn with 42,000 weddings.

Number 4 City (3rd in the US) is New Orleans, La with 36,545 Marriages in 2002. "Due to hurricane Katrina New Orleans will not match this number for a few years."

There are over 9,000,000 weddings in China per year with an average $19,900 per wedding! Stats from China News Agency 2006

There are 714,000 Japanese brides per year spending an average of $70,000 per wedding Stats from Census of Japan 2005.

The numbers for San Diego are not known but believed to be between 15,000 to 20,000 per year!

Anar Party Rentals has been providing quality wedding equipment for weddings from 10 people to 1000 people. We understand the importance of the day and we make it even more special!

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